Taped radio shows.

Not much commentary.

Music, random, themed.

Small commentaries?


i.e whistling, repetition…..

I need a mic but i want one i can rest down so that everyone is heard but the bg isnt too horrible does that exist??


editing system

more records

On casset tapes so you can’t skip through thus keeping the radio feeling.

Send to the few and random people that ask me for one.

The smell of my own skin makes me sick.

Maybe KickStarted will help me out?

Maybe a book full of the old photographs I find at the Antique mall.

Those pictures make it seem like back in the day they loved eachother more.

Little books, thin, floppy, paper back.

Themed by nature, love, anger, random? idk.

nature as in all the pictures of the people randomly sitting in trees.

What else? What Else?


Maybe all these pictures on the left side and a story someone wrote on the right page. doesn’t have to have anything to do with pictures.

Yes, yes, I like this.

Or just a book of postcard pictures and what they say on the back with a theme based on what they say and have a transcript mixed in with ones without words?1?!?!?

Why do I keep tasting that horrible lemon cookie?

My tastebuds are having flashbacks as i type about things that have NOTHING to do with lemons.

Dont forget about IM ALWAYS EMBARASSED , however you spell that.

maybe a necklace – look in your sketch book thats where I put it.

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