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This is probably the first time the entire school year that I was on time but  my mom had URGENT business to attend to (no sarcasm) and that is why I am here now, blogging, not at school.

I am ok with that.

Brandon and I are going to make an art installation together. Something small and musical and ceramic and four-fingered. Today we discuss. Step one is in motion.


I’d like to take a moment to praise the greatest actor of our time. You, my fine sir, are a beast, A BEAST, and If I could be 1/758947953987 th as good as you are at acting at anything in my life I wouldn’t feel like such a broken lamp.

Philip, you deserve 4 David Bowies, bien sûr.





I have no time left here. Math packets are calling my name in the distance. One little tip for you, if you haven’t seen Pirate Radio yet or listened to the soundtrack….ugh.

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You know how we’re told to use mirror palate things and metal spatulas to mix our foundation? Well, I can’t afford that shit, nor do I want to waste money on it, therefore I have realized a more ghetto and almost completely free way to mix your makeup sans spatula.

Use a cd!!! It’s not porous and mixes just as well as a mirror, I bet.

No really, use that because when you’re broke you automatically are more Macgyver than everyone else.

Look at that lustrous glow. The man obviously used a cd.


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People may tell you that worrying about your hair and makeup is trivial and, to an extent, it  is. Yet, when your hair is making you break out because of an over production of oils and your makeup doesn’t last more than an hour you become frustrated and rightfully so. I’ve been dealing with it for lord knows how long and I’m tired of feeling gross so I have compiled a short list of things that have proven themselves useful.


  • If you have fine, oily, and limp hair then you don’t need conditioner. It will just mess your hair up even more.
  • To give yourself a little volume try using PANTENE PRO-V VOLUME SHAMPOO. It’s clear so it doesn’t have a bunch of stuff in it to hold your hair down.
  • Clarifying shampoos help lift gunk and make your hair feel clean.
  • Washing your hair in water that is too hot will make it  fall out and make it extra oily. Instead, when you wash your hair make sure the water is almost lukewarm and when your rinse use COLD water.
  • Massaging your scalp while you lather your hair helps to make your scalp produce oils faster so you can get rid of it when you rinse.
  • Try not to touch your hair because of the oils in your hands and use a clean comb to make your hair less stringy.
  • Using dry shampoo such as PSSSSSST! (Cvs for like $6) helps revive your hair a bit throughout the day.
  • Using witch hazel on your hair-line also helps.


  • Wash your face everyday with THE RIGHT TYPE OF FACE WASH! Anything too drying will make your skin very oily and very dry at the same time which sucks. Anything too weak will make you break out because it’s not really doing anything.
  • Never wash your face with soap.
  • Use a scrubbing wash 2 or 3 times a week to revive your skin. ( Papaya is a great and inexpensive at home exfoliant.)
  • Wash in warm waster and rinse in cold water to close your pores and stunt the production of oils.
  • Use SMASHBOX PHOTO FINISH PRIMER  under your makeup. It’s a bit expensive but very, very worth it.
  • Always moisturize your skin before you put on your primer. Wait about 10 minutes (if you can) and then apply the primer, waiting ten minutes for that, too.
  • Witch hazel is a very good natural astringent- so use it!
  • A facial mask of honey and bananas will help for strictly oily.
  • Rose petals, rose-water, and strawberry yogurt help with combination skin.

Worrying about these things is trivial, so you shouldn’t have to.


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“Super Ultra Mega Dope”

How I did it: I joined and fiddled for a bit. Finally, I posted 2 entries but nothing too epic yet for I just joined a few hours ago. It gets a little confusing but I just googled what I didn’t understand. I’m not even sure what my theme is yet but I know travel will be prevalent.

Lessons & tips: Just do it, please. Too much time is spent worrying.

Resources: GOOOOOOGLE!

It took me 1 day.

It made me

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