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Well, I Did it.

Basically, yesterday I did a garage sale solely to be able to afford my 68 dollar haircut at The Electric Chair. I think I’m okay with that.

I cut my longish limp hair to a short fluffier and less orphanish hairdo. I made the mistake of having it cut to the right instead of the left because, I wont lie, I have a great right ear.  If I liked having my picture taken I would show you but, instead, I’ll just see you guys around.

Maybe at Zia where you will most likely see me getting 9 dollars for 10 records (ugh) or  even sneaking behind shopping center walls to watch a cop draw his gun as he approaches an unlicensed Yukon but then becoming super disappointed because nothing Shoot ‘Em Up-esque happens. Then returning to Brandon’s car where you will see him leaning in to kiss me but then, all of a sudden!, you see the confusion on our faces as we realize a fat man is in the car right next to us viciously gnawing at a Carl’s Jr. death patty.

It felt a lot like Donnie Darko but not. Ya digg?

This was highly rushed. Sorry, but I can’t pay attention when Flapjack is on. It…I…um…jesus…wtf?

Wtf. Wtf. Wtf. Wtf.


I would say Happy Easter but I don’t care about this holiday- so I wont.

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