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This is an amazing book by DEREK FAGERSTROM, LAUREN SMITH, & THE SHOW ME HOW TEAM. It shows you how to accomplish everything from reading love lines to breast-feeding, fire-breathing to record bowl producing,  getting out of a car in a mini skirt (something a few million Hollywood starlets should read) to successfully doing a simple Tai Chi move. This book is a piece of GOLD. All their instructions are simple images created in Adobe Illustrator with a few short lines of commentary. The fact that I, one of the most instruction retarded people on the planet, could follow along easily and make AWSOME RECORD BOWLS truly impressed me.

Thus I am awarding SHOW ME HOW:

4 out of 4 David Bowies!!

Bravo my SHOW ME HOW friends. Bravo. I can only hope that the idea my boyfriend and I have to send you will show up next and then we’ll get to be apart of the team.

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