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I won’t lie to you guys, when I learned about An Education I turned into this woman:

I found the soundtrack while putting cds away at the work and, I’ll admit, the only reason I checked it out was because of how wonderful the cover looked…

and because when I looked on the back I saw artists like Duffy ( sorry Duffy, you get ZERO Bowies for Smoke Without Fire.), Ray Charles,  and one of my new favorites: On The Rebound by Floyd Cramer. That is probably one of the happiest songs I’ve heard in a while. You can feel how completely liberated this person feels and their glee is contagious.

With this new found knowledge I went to work the next day anxiously awaiting 6 w o’clock when Cynthia would collect me so we could go watch it. To become completely obsessed with this movie and soundtrack it took me, oh, a day and a half maybe? I’m obsessive, I know, I know.

But how couldn’t I be? Just look at how amazing their outfits were:

Of course, the outfits don’t make the movie (but they do help immensely), this I know, but the story line was a TRUE PIECE OF GOLD

Jenny (Carey Mulligan), a 16-year-old girl from Twickenham, England, leads an ordinary and boring life. Her father insists she studies constantly in order to gain admission into Oxford which leaves little time for ordinary teenage escapades. One day, while walking home in the rain with her cello, a dapper older gentlemen offers her a ride. Eventually Jenny accepts and enters David’s (Peter Sarsgaard) car. This, as it come to be, was the turning point in her young and inexperienced life. A smooth operator, David convinces her strict parents (Alfred Molina & Cara Seymour)  into letting her live a fancy adult life of jazz clubs, horse races, and tight dresses. But, unfortunately, all (excessively) good things must come to an end and Jenny finds her life in ruins when the seams in David’s nest of lies unravel.


Thus, I award An Education:


 + 1/2

31/2 out of 4 David Bowies!

The movie truly was nearly perfect. Maybe it was just Peter Sarsgaard’s fleshy chest that threw it off a bit. Regardless, I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT.


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