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Brandon is finally home and, coincidently, my cough has turned into a wail. Yum…

 Last night, at about 3 AM, I stood outside of my front door flailing my arms and yelling about nambla (they don’t deserve CAPITALIZATION), polygamist, etc. Needless to say, I was asked if I was on drugs and the answer was NO!

 I’m just pissed that evil people get away with SO MUCH.

Speaking of getting away with a lot, have you seen the Lindsay Lohan shoot where she desperately (but to no avail) tries to imitate Marilyn Monroe?

Oh my fucking god.

Why would she let anyone see this? She looks, in my opinion, like a slender man.

& have you seen these pictures?

 She looks like a horny cracked out burn victim.

Where did this sweet ginger go?

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