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Sometimes I feel bad when other people are in the picture with me because I make them look bad…because I’m so beautiful…ya.

Brandon and I are playing the (cue ominous man voice) Ten Degrees of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

10 degrees because 10 movies are better than 6 and Hoffman because he’s better than Bacon (vegetarian joke…BAHAHA!)

Our first link is Amy Adams in Julie & Julia which, I must add, was surprisingly good. It made Brandon laugh hysterically at one point but I’m not sure if it was just because he had a horrible migraine and was on the verge of delirium or because he actually thought it was funny. Either/or.

Our second link is Amy Adams –> Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning which we haven’t finished yet but is depressing me none the less. It is about two destitute women who resort to cleaning up murder and suicide left-overs to support themselves…

I think the link from Emily Blunt is going lead us to John Malkovich. If you don’t know who that is, he’s the butt of the world’s most drawn out joke and I’m pretty sure he thinks we’re all laughing with him.

We didn’t map this out so it’s going to be a tad difficult which is the fun of it, anyhow, right my general reader?

Bien sûr.

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This is probably the first time the entire school year that I was on time but  my mom had URGENT business to attend to (no sarcasm) and that is why I am here now, blogging, not at school.

I am ok with that.

Brandon and I are going to make an art installation together. Something small and musical and ceramic and four-fingered. Today we discuss. Step one is in motion.


I’d like to take a moment to praise the greatest actor of our time. You, my fine sir, are a beast, A BEAST, and If I could be 1/758947953987 th as good as you are at acting at anything in my life I wouldn’t feel like such a broken lamp.

Philip, you deserve 4 David Bowies, bien sûr.





I have no time left here. Math packets are calling my name in the distance. One little tip for you, if you haven’t seen Pirate Radio yet or listened to the soundtrack….ugh.

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