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Today, at work, a small boy was lost. Another very short Samaritan offered to help him.

“Whats your daddy look like?”

“He’s a Mexican and has yellow cheeks.”

“Oh…(inaudible child jabber)”

At work I tend to glaze over while thinking. I wonder and wander and my face starts to hurt from squinting. I was inside a small camera taking mediocre photos like always and the whole time I wondered why I’m not a good conversation holder. About how I’m like Bobby J.’s little sister. About being able to see in black and white.

What I should do for Jen’s present. What I should do for I’m Always Embarrassed. If it’s even going to work. About those shoes I’ve been meaning to buy hoping they’ll make my life better. About why I continue to lie to everyone. If my trip will even work out. About how I felt hopeless and mediocre and not in the accomplished average Americana youth way. I’ve never gone through with any plans I’ve ever made.

All these small things turn into one gigantic block that I am too short to step over.

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Kiki., originally uploaded by Allo, Alba!.

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I’ve been taking pictures for a long time but I don’t feel like I’m god enough yet. I want to start selling them and be more daring with my subjects. I really want to make something out of this because I love it.

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